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PhysioNetwork is a dynamic network of practitioners with a close eye on the developments of the European health markets and the particular needs of physiotherapists in practice.

We happily encounter more and more interest from physiotherapists in private practice, physiotherapy departments of hospitals and rehab-centres from all across Europe.

If you too have caught interest in our service modules and advanced training programmes, and would like to inquire about the possibilities of translating our content into your regional language or to join us to expand PhysioNetwork in your country, please contact us through our.


PhysioNetwork offers conceptual support, cooperation and link-up between private practices, rehab-centres and physiotherapy departments of hospitals.

We offer a complete line of services including organizational support, software packages, advanced training courses and a variety of extension modules. These are continuously developed together with our network members in practice, and individually tuned to each of our member’s particular needs.
The following concepts and systems can be found by clicking on the hyperlinks below or on the corresponding icons on the main taskbar.

  • PhysioWorkout
  • PhysioPlaner
  • Tissue Grader
  • Pre Injury Testing
  • Target Tissue Training
  • PhysioScoop
  • PhysioDatabase
  • PhysioConcepts
  • Backsupport
  • COPD Network
  • Quality Management

PhysioNetwork practices and centres follow:

  • Unified standards of care
  • Coordinated structures of treatment and rehab processes
  • High standards of interior design
  • Consistent supervision
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Modern and up-to-date treatment concepts

PhysioNetwork is in a state of constant dynamic change.
The concepts and the internet modules of the network are continuously adapted to the needs of its members as well as the trends and requirements of the current health markets. The curricula of our advanced training courses for members are following the latest trends and research in sports- and rehabilitation sciences. The software of PhysioNetwork is tailored to the practical usefulness in patient care. The online interface is not only easy to handle but the whole system is a powerful marketing tool in itself.
Besides widening the range of our established modules in musculoskeletal rehab to include other conditions like shoulder instability, tennis elbow, etc. we are also developing quality assured programs for other indications and target groups. One such area we have already expanded is COPD. In the coming years we plan to offer programs also for indications like diabetes, HBP, obesity, senior citizens in general and much, much more.
Networks like ours will become increasingly more important, also from an international point of view. PhysioNetwork takes care of the specific interests of its members, and vitally depends on the mutual exchange between them.


PhysioNetwork offers conceptual support, cooperation and link-up between private practices, rehab-centres and physiotherapy departments in hospitals with the following aims:

  • Improvement of the quality of service delivery in active, preventive and rehabilitative physiotherapy
  • Increase of the effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions
  • Integration and intensification of rehab processes in the health services
  • Implementation of transparent and evidence-based rehab concepts
  • Minimization of work loss through work hardening
  • Prevention of adverse training effects and relapses by intensive coaching following the concept of tissue adaptation to mechanical loads
  • Marketing of the quality of our rehab concept to payers, patients and employers/corporations until the achievement of fixed agreements


In many European public health systems cost-cutting is currently being pursued with much effort and fervour. This is often accompanied by a call for more transparency of the treatment planning in physiotherapy, and the evidence-base of the interventions applied.
Transparent processes of care including a correct prognostic timeline will play a major role in the future costing of treatment - affecting patients and therapists alike.
A geographically defined network with an optimized infrastructure between physiotherapists, physicians, hospitals and rehab-centres can enhance professional cooperation and raise the standards of patient care.
Through the inherent transparency of the network each member can reassure himself of the optimal process of care at any time.


In order to reach these goals, one needs a common language and knowledge-base. PhysioNetwork supports this with its extensive array of systems for the formulation, visualization and documentation of indication–specific rehab processes.

Our guiding model in the active, preventive and rehabilitative musculoskeletal rehab is the concept of tissue adaptation to mechanical loads.
PhysioNetwork keeps its members constantly up-to-date through advanced training courses and the provision of information through its own internet platform and publications.
New modules are always developed in close interaction with the network members.
PhysioNetwork also conducts active marketing together with its member-practices on the local level, to convey the message of unique quality of care to payers, patients and employers/corporations.
The European character of PhysioNetwork is also put in use to keep close track of the trends of the health insurance markets (both private and public). The anticipation of future trends gives our members a unique edge on responding to the dynamic changes of these markets.
By becoming a PhysioNetwork member, you too can have access to and profit from the unique advantage of the combined knowledge of our Europe-wide network of members.

Do you also want to profit from all the benefits that PhysioNetwork can offer you?
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